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Registration of domains, Web- hosting and other services

To register the domain name

Designation of the service Cost
Departure of specialist to the client for tuning of connection and instruction in work s Internet 100 UAH.
Registration of the additional mailbox free of charge
Registration of the domain of the form * [name].faust.net.ua, [name].faust.com.ua, [name].faust.kiev.ua free of charge
[name].kiev.ua, [name].com.ua, [name].org.ua, [name].com, [name].net,
[name].org, [name].net.ua
100 UAH.
Support of the domains [name].faust.net.ua, [name].faust.com.ua, [name].faust.kiev.ua free of charge
[name].kiev.ua, [name].com, [name].com.ua, [name].net, [name].net.ua, [name].org.ua, [name].org и другие 200 UAH. in the year
name.ua 1050 UAH.
Support of domain in the year 200 UAH. in the year
Support of domain and the hosting of sites to 500 Mbytes 65 UAH. for the month or 600 UAH. in the year
Isolation of the static IP address 30 UAH. per month
Installation and the tuning Windows 100-150 UAH.
Installation and the tuning UNIX by  arrangement

* If necessary regestriruyutsya domains in other zones, which are not enumerated in Price.
the Web- hosting Payment of UAH.s NDS
For the users 0,00
To 1 the MGB without the scripts 27,50
It is more than 1 the MGB, and/or s CGI - you ring!
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